Nasal cavity infections can be one of the most painful illnesses to endure, especially if they aren’t taken care of early. Today Alpine ENT is sharing some of the other causes of this sinusitis and where to find relief! While they are mainly caused by nasal congestion due to the common cold, there are other reasons you could be experiencing recurrent sinus infections.

What Are Common Causes of Sinusitis? Infographic

Nasal Polyps

One of the lesser-known causes of recurrent sinus infections can be an affliction known as nasal polyps. They are small, grape-like growths that can form within the nasal cavities. They block the nasal passageways and are caused by inflammation of your nasal spaces. These little intruders can usually be seen with magnification and are better spotted by the specialists at Alpine ENT.

woman pinching the bridge of her nose

woman taking off her glasses due to sinus pain

Deviated Septum

If you suffer from a deviated septum and chronic bouts of sinusitis, chances are, they’re more than likely linked. When a deviated septum is pushed too far to either side, it can block the nasal passages, leading to more infections. Fluid backs up further into the nasal cavity, causing pain-inducing pressure. The excellent news, minor surgery can correct the issue, leading to fewer occurrences of sinusitis overall.


Allergies can be the biggest offender when it comes to the causes of sinusitis, and that’s because when an allergen triggers your nasal protection system, your nose swells shut to block the allergen. With your nose not being able to drain the way it should, the blocked mucus can turn into a bacterial infection. It can also turn into mind-numbing pain as well. Treating your allergies with an over-the-counter treatment can help reduce chronic sinusitis and provide relief for your symptoms.

man wiping his nose after sneeze

sick man coughing

Respiratory Tract Infections

A respiratory infection can affect both the upper and lower sections of your lungs equally and be the cause behind any sinusitis issues if experienced at the same time. An ENT specialist can help identify if you are experiencing both infractions and devise a treatment plan to return you to good health. A series of x-rays can be used to identify infections, and your ENT will use those x-rays to determine the best course of treatment.

Stop suffering in silence and start taking care of your sinusitis; contact our offices today and find a clinic near you! Alpine ENT has four locations across the Front Range in Cheyenne, Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland. We can help identify the cause of your sinusitis and give you back the ability to breathe freely again.