Have you heard of an ENT specialist? They treat the illnesses that attack our most trusted sensory organs, the ears, the nose, and the throat. Alpine ENT helps the people of the Front Range from Cheyenne, WY to Greeley, CO with everything from sinus infections to nasal congestion. Do you think you need an ENT specialist? Here is how we can help you!

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Sinus Infection

Sinus infections affect our nasal cavities and can be caused when the linings of these cavities become inflamed by anything from bacterial infection to uncontrolled allergies. Sinus infections can come on suddenly and last weeks if treated incorrectly. An ENT specialist will take your medical history and then examine you physically to determine the cause of the infection. With their vast experience, ENT’s can quickly identify your ailment and prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection, giving you back the ability to breathe without pain or blockage.

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Throat Pain

If you’ve had a recent sore throat that won’t seem to go away, the time has come to book an appointment with Alpine ENT. If your sore throat presents with a fever or white spots on your tonsils or tongue, you will need antibiotics to treat the infection before it causes any further damage.

Even if an injury causes pain in your throat, it’s still your best bet to see Alpine ENT because our specialists are fully trained in treating all conditions affecting the throat. They will have the most up-to-date treatment options available and will always be up on the latest conditions that could be affecting your throat.

Ear Infections

Ear infections can be one of the most distressing conditions to experience, and it can seem like the pain will never end, especially when it’s happening to the ones you love. The next time your child is experiencing an ear infection, skip the emergency room and book an appointment with Alpine ENT instead. Ignoring an ear infection or treating it with home remedies can result in permanent hearing damage or even worse.

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Nasal Congestion

Suppose you’re a regular smoker or suffer from a pre-existing condition. If that’s the case, nasal congestion is pretty much a part of your daily life, but if you don’t have an underlying condition, nasal congestion that lasts longer than three weeks should be seen by a registered ENT. An ENT can treat sinusitis and nasal congestion by flushing your nasal cavities with a saline solution, allowing them to drain correctly.

Alpine ENT specializes in treating illnesses of the ears, nose, and throat because they are our most important sensory organs; without them, we can’t hear, smell or taste! Treat them like the essential organs they are and experience the talent of Alpine ENT today, the Front Range’s most trusted ears, nose, and throat specialists. Contact our ENT clinic today!