Nearly 50 million of Americans struggle with hearing loss every year. Hearing loss in any form can severely detract from your quality of life. Hearing aids can help whether you have severe or moderate hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Basics

Hearing aids are electronic devices that are placed either in the ear (known as ITE devices) or behind the ear (known as BTE devices). In any case, they are comprised of a microphone, a processor chip and a speaker. Hearing aids are typically used to restore some degree of hearing to people with sensorineural hearing loss. However, more high-powered devices can be prescribed for people with severe hearing loss.

Who can Hearing Aids Help?

Hearing aids can be helpful for many people suffering from certain forms of hearing loss. For example, if you have sustained inner ear damage from loud noises, medications or simply aging, you may be a good candidate for a hearing aid. Hearing aids can also help if the nerve that connects the ear to the brain has been damaged. In some cases, ear damage must be corrected by surgery. 

Getting Hearing Aids

The first step in getting hearing aids is consulting with an audiologist. You will be tested for hearing loss on an audiograph. Your ear doctor will determine the severity of your hearing loss and help you determine what type of device is right for your needs. Here at Alpine Ear, Nose, & Throat in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado, our audiologist team is equipped with everything needed to accurately assess hearing problems. We take great care in walking you through the steps of getting a hearing aid and making the process easy. 

What To Expect with Hearing Aids

In most cases, people experience an immediate improvement in hearing. Still, you should be aware that adjusting to your new hearing aids will take time. Your ear doctor will need to adjust sensitivity settings and features on your hearing aids to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefit from them. The adjusting process will consist of an initial fitting and likely, a couple of adjustments as you get used to your new hearing aid.

Better hearing shouldn’t wait – especially when we have everything needed to improve your hearing and your quality of life. our board-certified physicians and specialists take the time to understand you and your specific issue. If you feel you are experiencing hearing loss of any kind be sure to reach out to us here at Alpine Ear, Nose, & Throat.

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