Dr. Robertson enjoys practicing the entire breadth of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. His training at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has prepared him well for all aspects of pediatric ENT disorders. He also has unique niches in the following areas: Vagus nerve stimulator surgeryBone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA), and orbital decompression surgery. He enjoys thyroid and parathyroid surgery and has published research about the use of laryngeal nerve monitoring during these cases. Dr. Robertson is an active member of Poudre Valley Hospital’s Cleft Palate Clinic. He has served in leadership roles as Vice Chief and Chief of the Surgery Department at Poudre Valley Hospital from 2010-2014.

In 2015, Dr. Robertson spearheaded an initiative to designate Poudre Valley Hospital as an implant center for Inspire Sleep Apnea Therapy. Inspire Sleep Therapy is a novel treatment option for CPAP-intolerant sleep apnea patients and is one type of cranial neurostimulator surgery.  His interest in cranial neurostimulator surgery began in residency when he performed his first Vagus Nerve Stimulator implant for epilepsy. Since then, Dr. Robertson’s surgical caseloads have grown, and since 2013, he has performed more Vagus Nerve Stimulator implants than any other surgeon in a several state radius.  This experience has provided a solid foundation for Inspire Sleep Apnea surgery and he is excited to be the surgeon for the first implant center in the Rocky Mountain Western region.

Personal Information

Dr. Robertson was born and raised in Oak Harbor, a small town in Northwest Ohio. His interest in medicine commenced in high school when he volunteered as an EMT with the local fire department. He later attended Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, where he met his wife. After completing his undergraduate studies, his wife taught voice performance (Opera) while he attended medical school at the University of Cincinnati. They remained in Cincinnati for residency at University Hospital and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a premier program for pediatric ear, nose, and throat disorders. Dr. Robertson and his family moved to Fort Collins and joined Alpine ENT in 2006. He is a proud father of four children.

Dr. Robertson’s Schedule

Dr. Robertson sees patients in the Fort Collins office on Mondays and Fridays, while he sees patients in the Loveland office on Wednesdays. He operates at Harmony Surgery Center on Thursdays and, as of January 2019, he is also seeing patients in the Cheyenne office on Tuesdays.

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