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Loveland Office:
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At our clinic we work with a variety of manufacturers and repair labs. We are able to repair most hearing aids and are happy to check your hearing aid(s) to determine the solution for repairing them and give you the most efficient and cost-effective options. The cost will be determined according to the following:

Hearing Aids Purchased at our clinic:

New hearing aids come with a manufacturer’s repair warranty and loss and damage coverage. If your hearing aid stops working, you can drop it by the office and your audiologist will determine if the repair can be done in the office or if it needs to be returned to the manufacturer. When an aid(s) is sent to the manufacturer, it will take 7-10 days.

Out of warranty repairs:

If your hearing aid is out of warranty, we will determine the problem and give you a quote for the repair. Again, the repair will take 7-10days.

Hearing Aids not purchased at our clinic:

In warranty: We will send your aid(s) in for repair if it is under warranty. There will be a handling fee, and any fees associated with reprogramming your hearing aid(s).

Out of warranty: We can repair most models of hearing aids and the charge will be determined based on whether it can be repaired in the office or if it needs to be sent in to the manufacturer. You will be called with an estimate of the charge before your aid is repaired.